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        1. Free Cutting Steel

          Free cutting steel is also called free cutting steel. Free cutting steel adds a certain amount of one or more free cutting elements such as sulfur, phosphorus, lead, calcium, selenium and tellurium to the steel to improve the Its machinability alloy steel. Cutting operations can be performed with higher cutting speeds and larger depths of cut.

          Due to the free-cutting elements added to the steel, the cutting resistance of the steel is reduced. At the same time, the characteristics of the free-cutting elements and the compounds formed play the role of lubricating the cutting tool, breaking chips easily, reducing wear, and reducing the surface of the workpiece. roughness for improved tool life and productivity

          material1215MS, 12L14, etc.
          shaperound, hexagonal
          sizeRound bar 2.0mm-80mm, hexagonal bar 4.0mm-50mm
          PackagePE stretch film, PP board, wooden box

          Please contact us for special name, length, material, precision and other requirements

          Additional Information

          Diversity of shapes and specifications: By designing different shapes of molds, free-cutting steels with different cross-sectional shapes and different specifications and tolerances are cold drawn. Angles can be right or rounded.

          High Accuracy: Use high-quality carbide molds to ensure accurate and uniform tolerances.

          Smooth surface: The advanced cold extrusion process makes the surface of free-cutting steel products smooth and bright.

          A lot of material saving: The cold drawing process is to cold-extrude and deform the raw materials to achieve the required shape, specifications and tolerances. The loss of raw materials is very small. Compared with the materials consumed by traditional lathe machining, the materials saved by free cutting steel And time is very considerable, especially when the amount of material is large, the material cost saving is more significant.

          Processing time and processing machinery saving: due to accurate precision and good surface condition, free-cutting steel products can be used directly, such as spraying, sanding, bending, drilling, or direct electroplating after fine drawing according to actual requirements, saving a lot of Machining time and saving the cost of configuring the machining machinery.


          Mainly used for automatic cutting machine tools to process fasteners and standard parts, such as stud bolts, screws, nuts, pipe joints, spring seats, etc.;

          Electrical product components: motor shaft, fan shaft, sewing machine shaft, etc.;

          Furniture: especially export metal furniture, such as coffee table, chair, outdoor furniture;

          Metal utensils: garden tools, grill grids, screwdrivers, anti-theft locks, etc.;

          Auto, motorcycle spare parts, etc.

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